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Woah momma! This is one hot item. If you're familiar with any of the previous blister effects, then you'll quickly come to realize that this is the best version on the market' blistered hands down.

It will be hard to review this without mentioning some of the other products and the improvements that this makes over them. However, keep in mind, I have no reason to bash other products. I'm simply going to explain what Branded improved upon. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First, the effect' The effect is simple in concept, yet powerful in affect. You light a lighter and cause a blister to form on your finger and thumb. Then the blister transforms into the pips of a selected card. It's freaky.

So onto the product and gimmick. You will receive an instructional DVD, and two versions of the gimmick. Let's start with the gimmick(s). In previous versions of blister effects dealing with card revelations, the gimmick was a 'something extra' you had to carry around.

I used to do Pyro-Perception all the time. It's a killer effect similar to Branded. However, more and more these days, I want to streamline what I carry with me when I perform. Plus I like to be ready to perform in casual settings where I don't have to carry around a gimmick, so I quit carrying it around.

With Branded, the gimmick becomes part of the lighter. There's one for standard Bic-Style lighters and one for Mini-Bics. Also, the gimmick works much better than previous gimmicks I've used.

On to the DVD. Tim Trono was in an accident near the time of the filming, so he was recovering from a busted up leg, so rather than hobble around on crutches and perform/teach the effect, he had Gregory Wilson do it. For those of you familiar with Wilson, you know he's a fun guy to watch perform, and his explanations are always thorough and clear. He's a great teacher. This video is no exception.

The DVD contains a section showing several performances out on the streets. There's another section dedicated to explaining the gimmick(s) and how it works. Another section covers various card forces, and finally the last section covers various handling ideas.

This is a must have for anyone who is a real worker, yet it's simple enough that even a hobbyist or an amateur can quickly learn and perform this as well. If you don't have it, get it. It's the best thirty bucks you'll spend this year.

Final Verdict:
5 Stars with a Stone Status of GEM!


  • Alan says:

    With this effect you always reveal the same card? Im looking for a more free ethod,not obviouslyjust nae a card, mut baybe forcing the court cards or reducing the option of choices somehow…

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