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Product NameCreator(s)Publisher(s)MSRPRatingDate
Equilateral by JC SumJC SumJC Sum$125.008/24/14
Bookworm by David DevlinDavid DevlinDavid Devlin$25.008/23/14
Omniscient by Cedric TaylorCedric TaylorCedric Taylor$9.998/23/14
Conceptual Misdirections by Dan CainDan CainDan Cain$6.008/22/14
True Mysteries by Fraser Parkerfraser parkerThe 1914$56.508/22/14
The Collection by Luca Volpe and Kenton KnepperKenton Knepper & Luca VolpeTitanas$60.008/21/14
Flown Away by Jasper Blakeley & Paul RomhanyJasper Blakeley & Paul RomhanyVanishing Inc.$39.958/21/14
The Art of Switching Decks by Roberto GiobbiRoberto GiobbiHermetic Press$55.008/20/14
Definitive Guide to Restaurant Magic by Wayne GoodmanWayne GoodmanWayne Goodman$30.008/20/14
L.O.V.E. by SansMindsSansMindsSansMinds$24.957/25/14
Propel By Rizki NandaRizki NandaSans Minds Productions$34.957/25/14
Capsoul by D’Puck M’ShraDPuck MShraSansMinds$34.957/24/14
Light Speed by Perseus ArkomanisPerseus ArkomanisAlakazam$35.007/24/14
Time is Money by Seol-Ha ParkSeol-Ha ParkSionix$45.007/23/14
Hospitality by Max FrancisMax FrancisMagic Tao$24.957/23/14
Joined by Dario CapuozzoDario CapuozzoTitanas$29.957/22/14
Frea-Capped by Kieron JohnsonKieron JohnsonBig Blind Media$35.007/22/14
Foresight by Oliver SmithOliver SmithSansMinds$34.957/21/14
Effortless Effects by Ryan SchlutzRyan SchlutzBig Blind Media$30.007/21/14
The Floating Ball by Luis De MatosLuis De MatosEssential Magic Collection$40.007/14/14
Mentally Exposed by RomanosRomanosMagic Tao$25.007/11/14
Spinnerets by Steven XSteven XSteven X Productions$39.957/10/14
Cakes and Adders Magic TrickGary Dunn & Ricky McLeodWorld Magic Shop$33.507/9/14
Infamous Deluxe SetDaniel Meadows & James AnthonyMagic World$79.957/8/14
Zero Matrix by JayJayLive Magic$65.007/7/14
Smoked 2.0 by Christopher DearmanChristopher Dearman & Stephane KriefThe Magic Tao$29.957/2/14
Void by SkulkorSkulkorSkulkor$34.957/1/14
M-Case by Mickael ChatelainMickael ChatelainMickael Chatelain$34.996/30/14
X-Change by SansMindsJulio MontoroSansMinds$34.956/28/14
Pocket by SansMindsJulio Montoro$29.956/27/14