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Product NameCreator(s)Publisher(s)MSRPRatingDate
Vanishing Pen by SansMindsSansMindsSans Minds Productions$29.994/22/14
Pocket Change by SansMindsSansMindsSansMinds Productions$18.954/20/14
Nothing But The Truth by Cameron FrancisCameron FrancisBig Blind Media$25.004/19/14
TKO 2.0 by Jeff Kaylor (Refill)Jeff KaylorMagic Estate$40.004/17/14
TKO 2.0 by Jeff KaylorJeff KaylorMagic Estate$79.954/17/14
Travelling Deck 2.0 by Takel (Blue)TakelMagicTao$29.994/16/14
Travelling Deck 2.0 by Takel (Red)TakelMagicTao$29.994/16/14
Flux Deal by Alex MoffatAlex MoffatDan and Dave Buck$14.954/10/14
Project By Shiro IshidaShiro IshidaShiro Ishida$30.004/8/14
The Switch By Shin LimShin LimShin Lim Magic$30.004/3/14
Risk 4 by Rizki NandaRizki NandaTitanas$30.003/28/14
Days of Wine and Magic by John DerrisJohn DerrisEuropro Magic$40.003/22/14
The Streets Set By John ArcherJohn ArcherVanishing Inc.$120.003/15/14
Innercircle by Yigal MesikaYigal MesikaYigal Mesika$19.953/15/14
Unshuffled by Anton JamesAnton JamesThe Magic Estate$35.003/9/14
The Money CardShaun RobisonPaper Crane Productions - Amanda Hartley$35.002/28/14
Polyester by Zivi KiviZivi KiviLars La Ville & Pontus Rufelt$30.002/17/14
John Bannon’s Twister Sisters 2.0John BannonMurphy's Magic Supplies$15.002/12/14
Haunted 2.0Mark Traversoni & Peter EgginkPaul Harris Presents$35.002/8/14
Blinking EffectJeanLuc BertrandClose Up Magic$40.002/7/14
Romero Box (Red)Antonio RomeroRomero Magic$60.002/6/14
Romero Box (Blue)Antonio RomeroRomero Magic$60.002/6/14
FaceShifter By Skulkor (Blue)SkulkorSkulkor$29.952/5/14
FaceShifter By Skulkor (Red)SkulkorSkulkor$29.952/5/14
Simplex Monte By Alakazam (Red)Rob BromleyAlakazam UK$28.992/4/14
Simplex Monte By Alakazam (Blue)Rob BromleyAlakazam UK$28.992/4/14
RidiculousDavid WilliamsonLuis De Matos$150.001/31/14
Page: VoucherWill TsaiSansMinds Productions$35.001/30/14
Modern ESPSansMindsSansMinds$29.951/29/14
Innovative Card MagicMariano GoñiMariano Goñi$34.951/28/14