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Product NameCreator(s)Publisher(s)MSRPRatingDate
Phantom Deck by Joshua JayJoshua JayVanishing Inc Magic$29.9912/13/14
Roughing Stick by Harry Robson & Lawrence TurnerHarry Robson & Lawrence TurnerVanishing Inc Magic$15.0012/12/14
Stretcher by Jay SankeyJay SankeySankey Magic$40.0012/8/14
Rubber Bang by Sean YangSean YangMagic Soul$29.9511/13/14
OctopalmJim BodineMurphy's Magic Supplies$9.9511/13/14
Magnetic Deck by GranellGranellGranell Magic$29.9511/11/14
Reel Magic MagazineKozmoKozmo Magic$8.0011/10/14
Moneypulation by Lawrens GodonLawrens GodonMore 1 Productions$40.0011/10/14
The Double Lift Project by Liam MontierLiam MontierBig Blind Media$35.0011/7/14
Drunk by HondoHondoMagic Soul$25.0010/30/14
Eggs, Sausage & Peas by Jonathan RoyleJonathan RoyleJonathan Royle$65.0010/18/14
DOA by Jay SankeyJay SankeySankey Magic$40.009/27/14
Woodyland by Woody AragonWoody AragonEssential Magic Collection$150.009/26/14
R. Paul Wilson on The Royal Road to Card MagicR. Paul WilsonL&L Publishing$80.009/25/14
At the Table Live Lecture Series – Season 1Alex Pandrea, Daniel Garcia, Jason England, Jon Armstrong & Michael AmmarMurphy's Magic$49.959/24/14
Domino Effect by Alex PandreaAlex PandreaThe Blue Crown$35.009/24/14
The Truth From a Liar by HannibalHannibalMasiMedia$39.999/23/14
The Social Deck by SomaSomaSoma$49.959/20/14
Equilateral by JC SumJC SumJC Sum$125.008/24/14
Bookworm by David DevlinDavid DevlinDavid Devlin$25.008/23/14
Omniscient by Cedric TaylorCedric TaylorCedric Taylor$9.998/23/14
Conceptual Misdirections by Dan CainDan CainDan Cain$6.008/22/14
True Mysteries by Fraser Parkerfraser parkerThe 1914$56.508/22/14
The Collection by Luca Volpe and Kenton KnepperKenton Knepper & Luca VolpeTitanas$60.008/21/14
Flown Away by Jasper Blakeley & Paul RomhanyJasper Blakeley & Paul RomhanyVanishing Inc.$39.958/21/14
The Art of Switching Decks by Roberto GiobbiRoberto GiobbiHermetic Press$55.008/20/14
Definitive Guide to Restaurant Magic by Wayne GoodmanWayne GoodmanWayne Goodman$30.008/20/14
L.O.V.E. by SansMindsSansMindsSansMinds$24.957/25/14
Propel By Rizki NandaRizki NandaSans Minds Productions$34.957/25/14
Capsoul by D’Puck M’ShraDPuck MShraSansMinds$34.957/24/14