Latest (04-17-14): Review of Nothing But The Truth by Cameron Francis

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Review of Nothing But The Truth by Cameron Francis

Five specially printed cards, 11 minutes of instruction, Big Blind Media, Cameron Francis and $25 bucks . . . is it Gem or is it Rubble. Stay Tuned.


The effect is a classic plot of being able to discern whether a spectator is telling the truth or not. You ask them questions about their "selection" and spell their answers with a small packet of cards. The cards always know if the spectator lied or not. Then as a kicker, all of the cards (that seemed to have "lie" or "truth" printed on them a moment ago) have become the selection.


This is pretty much self-working. For the final display you'll need to do either an Elsmley Count or an Olram Subtlety, but that's as "hard" as it gets. The cards are not gimmicked. It's just a matter of following the procedure (which is very simple). The method can be mastered in a matter of minutes. The "hard" part is having a personality and properly presenting it. This effect lends itself to a lot of fun and byplay with the audience. Further, due to the simplicity of the method, you're able to focus on presentation and not on handling.

Ad Copy Integrity

The ad copy is absolutely accurate. The only catch I would point out is the claim that it can be performed with "NO sleights." I believe that they're referring to the fact that you can use the Olram Subtlety rather than the Elmsley Count. I would still consider the Olram a sleight, but it's about as sleight-less as a sleight can be. Other than that, the ad copy is perfect.

Product Quality

The cards supplied are excellent quality. The DVD is extremely well shot, well produced, well lit, well mic'd, everything. The instructions were a bit brief, but you are taught very well everything you need to perform this effect.

Final Thoughts

This is a simple product to review. You either liked the demo or you didn't. You either can see yourself performing this effect or you can't. That's not my call. What is my call is whether or not you actually get what they say you get. You do. Once you know that you get what they say, then you may wonder is it well made? It is. Is it a doable/workable method? It is? Other than pushing the envelope on how much I think single trick DVDs should be, this is a nearly flawless product.

Final Verdict:
5 Stars with a Stone Status of GEM.