Latest (04-17-14): Review of TKO 2.0 by Jeff Kaylor (Refill)

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Review of TKO 2.0 by Jeff Kaylor

Two gimmicks, an excellent DVD, a whole bunch of ideas and $80 bucks . . . is it gem or is it rubble? Stay Tuned.

Note: You'll find this review copy in both the TKO 2.0 and the Refill review. Just keep in mind that the majority of the review is referring to the TKO 2.0 product. The "refill" is mentioned in the Final Thoughts below.


Well . . . You can do about a million effects with this. You're getting a utility device that is very flexible. You can use it to vanish and/or switch and/or hide and/or a whole bunch of other things. One of the cleanest card to spectator's wallet that you'll ever get. Some of the cleanest coin vanishes and color changes imaginable. How 'bout producing your business card out of "thin air" using this utility . . . on and on and on.


The method is a very clever toppit like device that can be worn with any button up shirt (while fully buttoned). The shirt can be tucked or un-tucked. You can wear a tie or not; wear a coat or not. With 2.0, you get a black gimmick and a white one. It easily will fit into your shirt. You have to make one minor modification to the shirt, but it's easy to do, and will only take a minute. Everything, and I mean everything, you need to hook up the device to your shirt is included. If you decided to wear this every day, you easily could. It only adds 1 minute to your morning dressing ritual.

While wearing it, you'll not even notice that your wearing it. It'll always be there ready for you to use. It's super, super simple to use. It's one of the most practical and use-able devices I've seen in a long time. If you're familiar with my S.S. Vanish from my Gemstones DVD, then this method/device will seem a bit familiar. My vanish does not require a gimmick or device. It can be done with zero prep (as long as you're wearing a button up shirt). However, that doesn't make mine better. Kaylor's method gives you a lot of advantages that mine does not. First, retrieval is much easier with his method (i.e., regaining access to the vanished object). Also, Kaylor's allows you more distance from the place of vanish giving it a cleaner feel.

Further, Kaylor's can be used as a hold out and many other things that my S.S. Vanish cannot be used for. For what I use it for, I still use mine because it requires no prep. However, there are so many great effects you can do with Kaylor's TKO, that's it's definitely a heavy weight contender.

Ad Copy Integrity

The ad copy is excellent. The only one thing I would "warn" you about is the "plinko" system. It's meant to prevent/minimize clinking of coins when you've ditched a second coin (while another one is already in the device). I tested this over and over, and it always made a clink. Sometimes it was less noticeable than others, but it was always there. However, I was testing it with very heavy coins. I was using Mechanical Industries Coins. When I tested it with quarters, there was no sound whatsoever.

Product Quality

The quality of the device is top notch. It's very durable and will last you forever-ish. It's super easy to connect to your shirt. Plus it comes with all the extras you need for various hook ups. They've made this thing nearly fool proof. Further, the DVD instructions were superb. They're well shot, well lit, well angled, well mic'd . . . everything. Plus you get a very well produced booklet (10 Pages) that's full color with lots of photos to add even more to the learning experience. My only complaint is that there is a website mentioned on the DVD that says to go there and login (they provide a password) to learn more effects. There is supposed to also be "video support." However, when I went there I found nothing but a note saying that the site is under construction. The problem I have with that is that this product was released in Early to Mid 2012. It's currently Early to Mid 2014. That's 2 years later and there's still no site. I'm not allowing that to impact the review, however, because the advertisement does not mention it anywhere, so it's just gravy on what they're telling you you're getting.

Final Thoughts

I know $80 bucks is no small amount. However, when you consider that you're getting a device as flexible and utilitarian as this, it's hard not to justify this. If you liked the effects on the trailer - and they look exactly like what you saw - you need to buy this. Further, this device allows you to add dimensions and clarity and clean-ness to your current routines that make your magic so much more pure. You can also get a "refill" for $40 bucks. However, all you're getting is just the Device. You don't get a DVD or the book or the instructions, or the extra kit of stuff to make installing it easier. And you only get one, your choice of black or white. Considering that for that one thing it's $40 bucks, that makes this $80 product (which includes much more than double the amount of value) an excellent deal. I have nothing but the highest recommendation for this product.

Final Verdict:
5 Stars with a Stone Status of GEM!