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The Floating Ball by Luis De Matos Review:

One DVD, a special gimmick, $40 bucks, and whole bunch of other stuff you have to buy after you buy this DVD. Is it gem or is it rubble? Stay tuned to find out.

Note to Readers

This review has been edited. The written review below has had one paragraph removed due to a mistake on my part. The original rating was 2.5 stars, due to the aforementioned mistake on my part. I've changed the rating and updated the video. Please watch the video. It explains everything regarding the mistake made on the first review.


Um . . . a floating ball . . . duh!


The method is traditional in the sense that it uses the same thread that all floating balls use. However, this one is a one man operation andΒ to do the method, you are able to do some interesting animations and levitations that are unique and different from what you may have seen. There are plenty of moments in the routine - watch the trailer - that seem impossible to do without off stage assistance, yet it's totally doable. Of course, as with all effects of this nature, lighting is key, and a fair amount of time is spent on this subject in the training.

Ad Copy Integrity

The ad copy doesn't really make any claims other than start and end clean. This is true. The video trailer shows you what the effect will look like. I can't attest to whether it is that clean or not without doing the routine. However, the floating ball is an effect that has stood the test of time and does look clean. What's unique here is the hook up. On that, I can comment. The physics of the hook up are solid and legitimate.

Product Quality

The DVD is produced well and covers just about everything you can imagine. De Matos even created a small scale stage that sits on a table. Using that, he was able to show how everything works and is manipulated. Further, they showed multiple exposed performance angles and shots. Everything you need to know to do this effect is taught. However, you'll need to buy a ball, and some additional hardware to make this all work. What you're getting, other than the training, is the particular type of thread that Luis De Matos prefers to use for this effect and the special "thing" needed to hook you to the thread.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, if you're a close up magician or even a parlor magician, this effect is not for you. If you're a stage magician and are interested in adding the floating ball to your repertoire, this is a great resource for method, history, hook up, set up, one-man operation, and a whole bunch of other tips, tricks and ideas. Just keep in mind that you'll still need to buy some simple and inexpensive hardware, plus a ball.

What you basically get for $40 bucks is De Matos's routine, hook up and techniques, etc. Plus, you get the thread that makes the ball levitate/suspend/etc. In order to do the routine on the DVD, you're still going to need to spend at least another $1000 bucks. On the Essential Magic Collection website, you can see all the thread you'll need (and how much it costs) to do the routine. To purchase the case shown in the DVD along with the ball is 900 Euros. That's $1125 as of the time of this review. Or you can make a ball which is very briefly mentioned in the video.

What it comes down to is you're paying a very modest fee ($40) for the complete routine, handling and presentation of a classic illusion from an excellent magician.

If you want to spend the money needed to put together this illusion, then you'll be happy with your purchase because you'll be learning a very good routine and method.

Final Verdict:
5 Stars with a Stone Status of GEM.


  • I would have put this DVD as buying the plans for an illusion that gives samples.

    Your video thoughts are very helpful.

  • I am now the owner of this DVD. Jeff, I would have to say that your star assessment is just way too low. I would give it a five star rating and a gem status.

    Luis De Matos is quite clear you can use any ball with the rigging. Nothing has been hidden where a person would should be surprised that more work and additional materials are needed.

    The video quality is superb and instructions easy to follow. The extras at the end add some great content that will be helpful to a stage magician who is looking at performing the floating ball effect.

    I would highly recommend this video.

    • Jeff Stone says:

      @Steven – thanks for the feedback. I agree with most of what you’re saying. The product is solid, and I think that in my video I gave everyone the info needed to make an intelligent decision. The problem I had was that even though he says you can make a ball, there are no instructions on how to do so. I have no idea how to make that kind of ball, and I imagine that it would still cost a fair bit of money to do so.

      The DVD was called “Floating Ball” not “Floating Ball Hook Up.” I agree that if you already do a floating ball, this DVD is a MUST. However, if you don’t do a floating ball, you will still need to invest some serious money, and there’s still missing information on the DVD.

  • Carmelo says:

    You state in the video review and you also show that the DVD label shows this product includes detailed instructions, 20M of thread and a precision gimmick. You go on to mention the instructions and thread several times but never mention the gimmick again. Is a gimmick, other than the thread, included or not?

  • I ended up buying this DVD and I’m happy with it. I purchased mine through Vanishing Inc Magic. They had free shipping at the time.


    The DVD is definitely going to help me create this magic for my stage show. Though I do agree with Jeff that it would have been helpful to have info on creating a ball, etc.

    • Jeff Stone says:

      @Steven – My biggest problem with the DVD was the misleading ad copy. As it turns out, I was wrong about the ad copy. The parts that I felt were left out were actually there. So I re-did the review. The video above is new, and I’ve ever so slightly modified the written review.

  • Jeff-You Rock Brother!

  • Malcolm says:

    First I’ve visited your site,super review i haven’t got this yet but intend to ,love an honest review.
    Many thanks

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