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Review of Simplex Monte

Two Jokers, One Crazy Cool Gimmick and a DVD of clever ideas all for the odd price of $28.99.


Simply put, this is a take on ye olde 3 Card Monte. The big difference is the kicker ending where the "lady" (i.e., the Queen) very cleanly vanishes from the spot where everyone "knows" it is occupying. Watch the trailer. That's the effect and it's very clean and clear.


Short Version: A gimmick.

Medium Version: An awesome gimmick.

Long Version: An extremely well made gimmick that does 95% of the work for you, and depending on the handling you choose, it can do 100% of the work for you. The gimmick allows you to clearly show the Queen (or whatever you happen to get in your set) in one place, then instantly (even visually if you'd like) it vanishes/becomes a Joker. This gimmick has so many applications beyond 3 Card Monte. In fact, I almost wonder if it's slightly wasted on 3 Card Monte. I certainly don't mean that as an insult to the gimmick or the product.

I'm just merely pointing out that this gimmick has so much more potential. It's relatively angle-proof. There are a few places you have to be careful, depending on the particular handling you choose. The gimmick is very easy to manipulate and use; it will hide right under their noses. It's practical and very doable, and some of the handling ideas allow you to completely ditch the gimmick once it has done its job.

The gimmick cannot be handled by the spectator, but they won't need to, and the casual handling of the cards (and gimmick) are so clean that it's very much above suspicion. In fact, even with the gimmick sitting there right on the table in front of them, they won't see it.

Ad Copy Integrity

The ad copy is dead on. In fact, they even went as far as pointing out a "negative" which was the fact that you as a consumer don't have a choice of what kind of Jokers come with your DVD. Oh that more manufacturers were this honest.

Product Quality

The product is top notch quality. The gimmick is extremely well made and works like a charm. The DVD is well produced, well lit and well mic'd. There are a handful of different handling ideas and presentational suggestions and ideas. It's a short DVD, but there's enough information to get your juices flowing and inspire you to do this effect (if you like this kind of thing).

Final Thoughts

I've never been a fan of the 3 Card Monte plot. The only version of that I do is Paul Wilson's Gypsy Monte. However, this gimmick is something I would definitely use. So my point is that if you like Monte effects, you'll love this gimmick and you'll use it. If you don't like Monte effects, you'll still likely find a use for this gimmick. For all that you get for such a low price, this is super duper easy to recommend.

Final Verdict:
5 Stars with a Stone Status of GEM!

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  • R.H says:

    I recently bought this item direct from alakazam. On arrival the gimmick, when opened to operate the monte, emits a very noticeable and audible “click”, you would get burnt in the first minute since it would be very obvious that some sort of gimmick was being used.

    Alakazam never reply to any communication at all,ever, whether enquiry or complaint so it is, in this case, impossible to find out whether this was simply a manufacturing fault or a common one.

    The gimmick itself is a well thought out ploy. but in the meantime I would caution against buying this from alakazam, since if the item you receive has the same fault you will get no backup at all from alakazam and it would be advisable to buy from Amazon or another seller who would treat you as a customer would wish to be treated, not ignored completely.

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