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Oracle Review

One DVD, 20 minutes, one concept, $10 bucks and one Oracle Review. Is it gem or is it rubble? Stay tuned to find out.

Oracle Review: Effect

This can be played many different ways, but you're learning a concept. The concept allows you to have a card selected from a borrowed, shuffled deck. You are able to tell what card is missing by very briefly looking at the cards.

Oracle Review: Method

The method relies on a little bit of mental agility, but not much. You're basically looking at the cards and figuring out which one is missing. However, it's done in a super sneaky and clever way that is easy and seems impossible. With very, very, very little practice, you can get very quick at this using this system. Once you know the selected card, then you reveal that knowledge any way you prefer. I prefer to do it as a straight memory "stunt" where I claim to be able to know what card is missing just by looking at the deck and memorizing it.

However, you can have the mate of the card "selected" by someone else, or simply "read the mind" of the spectator, etc. It's a system that allows you to very cleverly gain access to the missing card very quickly and easily (with a little practice).

The only restriction is that they cannot pick a face card. This is handled with a bit of simple instructions. You simply tell them not to think of an obvious card like a face card, but to try to pick something less conspicuous. If you can do some simple, basic math, you can do this effect. It's the easiest system of this sort that I've ever seen.

Oracle Review: Ad Copy Integrity

The ad trailer is a very good representation of what happens. The only thing they left out was the part where he told her not to choose a face card. The written ad copy is also very accurate. The claim that it's easy to learn is true. It is very easy to learn and simple to master as claimed. This is based on an old concept, but he's streamlined it and made it a ton easier. I'd say the claim of predict "any" thought of card is slightly misleading since the thought of card can't be a face card, but other than that, it can truly be any thought of card. It's also true that it can be a borrowed, shuffled, unmarked deck with no peeks of the card, no duplicates, etc. The only requirement is that it's a complete deck of 52.

Oracle Review - Magic Reviewed

Oracle Review: Product Quality

The DVD is only about 20 minutes, but it covers everything. It's very well produced. The only issue I have is more with the method. I wish there was a way to do face cards as well. However, that's the sacrifice needed to make this system soooooooo simple to learn and master.

Oracle Review: Final Thoughts

If you don't have a problem with basic (and I mean ba-sic) math, then you'll have no problem learning this. If you like the concept of being able to use a borrowed deck, any time and be able to figure out the missing card just by looking at the deck for a moment, then you'll love this, and for $10 bucks, it's hard to go wrong.

Final Verdict:
4.5 Stars with a Stone Status of Gem.

Available at your Favorite Magic Dealer. Dealer's see Murphy's Magic for details.


  • Stephen Peters says:

    Great review, Jeff. I’m wondering, if he includes this on his At the Table lecture wouldn’t that be a better buy, or does he go into more detail here?

    • Jeff Stone says:

      @Stephen – Thanks for the comment. I’d say that if you already have the lecture, that you don’t need this. Everything you need to know is taught there, and you get other stuff as well.

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