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Modern Coin Magic Review

One Book, 358 pages, a cubic butt-load of coin magic, $12 bucks and one Modern Coin Magic Review. Is it gem or is it rubble? Stay tuned to find out.

Modern Coin Magic Review: Effect/Method

Um . . . I'm not sure how to discuss effect or method in a volume this complete. Let's just say that just about every coin move, trick, idea, etc. that has ever been done is either in this book, or inspired by something in it. This book covers coin switches, coin ditches, coin vanishes, coin appearances, coin tricks, coins across, coin palms, coin penetrations, coin to impossible location, stuff with regular coins, stuff with gimmicked coins, and tons and tons and tons of other coin "stuff." This is the actual book "they" are referring to when "they" say " . . . every trick in the book."

Modern Coin Magic Review: Ad Copy Integrity

The ad copy is excellent and 100% accurate. This book really is the incredible book they claim it is. Not much else to say here folks.

Modern Coin Magic Review: Product Quality

The quality is also top notch. It's printed on high quality paper, with clear printing, over 500 very clear illustrations. It's categorized into progressively more advanced concepts. It's starts with the basics and smoothly transitions into the more intricate, difficult stuff. Further, by the end of the book, you will have been exposed to not only a ton of sleights/moves, but also 130 effects, including full routines from some of the most accomplished coin magicians in the history of coin magic. It's well written, well illustrated, and easy to learn from. A lot of the stuff will take a ton of practice, but everything you need to learn it is in the book.

Modern Coin Magic Review: Final Thoughts

Products like this are hard to review. It's so complete, and so awesome, that there's really not much to say. If you ever have done, currently do, or ever will do even one single coin trick, you absolutely must own this book. It's perfect for beginners and coin magic experts and everyone in between. And at a mere $12 bucks there is no excuse for not adding this book to your personal library.

Final Verdict:
5 Stars with a Stone Status of GEM!

Modern Coin Magic Review

Available from Dover Publications.

To Purchase, Use Code: WYAL at checkout to save 25%


  • Alan says:

    Hey good review. I am not a coin guy. But you know coins are a great impromptu trick. I try to have a lest 2 coin tricks so when someone ask me to do magic. Also just about everyone has coins not matter what part of the world you are in. I live in Mexico and there was this lady with her young children. They were begging for money by a store I go to. I done a short coin routine for them. They loved it put a smile on there face. When I came out of the store I gave them a little treat and another smile. Not a word was spoken. For give me for rambling!

    So the morel of the story is even if you are not a coin guy get this book anyway. It is good to learn a few coin tricks. lol

  • It is indeed a classic not only in terms of coin magic, but in the principles of magic in general. Many of the sleights can be adapted to other objects. The timing and misdirection etcetera are also universal. It was one of the first ten books on magic I owned. I sold the first edition yellow jacket covered hard bound copy to a friend who just HAD to have a copy NOW. Our local “brick and mortar” (All they had back in those days) was out.

    We were both under the tutelage of George Wondera, the man who made all of the gaffed coins in the USA long before Johnson, Tango, Kruppers, or any of the others. My friend loved coin work and did it very well; his name, Alan Mucil (now known as Alan St.George). He was/is a natural coin manipulator. I later replaced my copy with a paperback edition and then a white jacketed hard cover edition. Both are still excellent, but I remember the first edition being slightly larger with more sections on gaffed coins; nothing of that day was omitted. At least that is how I am remembering it. I could be mistaken. Perhaps I am just interposing memories of all that time hanging out in the workshop of Mr. Wondera. He is long gone and unfortunately things happened between Alan an I years ago. He will not even return my phone calls these days. So there is no way of checking unless anyone reading this has a first edition and cares to make a comparison. If you have one, post your findings here please.

    • Dr. J. says:

      You are not wrong about one edition being bigger than the other, but you just got it backwards.

      The hardcover edition that came out in 1966 had 4 extra chapters covered over 186 extra pages. There is no reason for the beginner to get the hardcover edition first but it would be a benefit to the well-practiced coin worker or more serious student. In my estimation there was a lot of really good stuff added in the later edition.

      By the way, it was interesting to read your bit of history here – it is fascinating to see who/what others have experienced regardless of who they are!

  • Alan says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Jeff?

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