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This is a bit fitting considering the routine I'm reviewing.

For $95 (yup $95) bucks you get a 10ish minute DVD, some I.T., some wax, some post cards and a small cardboard box and a pretty incredible effect.

The Good News:

This is a brilliant solution to card to wallet . . . It's a signed card to nested envelope routine. It uses I.T. in a way that you would never imagine, and it's darn clever - maybe the most clever use of I.T. I've ever seen. The presentational hook is beautiful and even romantic. However, there are some issues.

Issue #1:

The DVD claims that a magnet is included . . . I found no such thing. It also talks about how the magnet will "stick to the mat thanks to the magnet inside of it." I'm not sure what mat he's referring to. He seems to be implying that there is a special mat that comes with the set . . . I got nothing.

Issue #2:

This method for this uses the I.T. but he never explains how to do the hook up. In the very brief description portion he is shown using some bright yellow yarn in the proper hook up, but you never quite get a clear view of the hook up. Then later in another section of the DVD, he briefly mentions a particular part of the hook up which is nothing like the hook up being shown in the description. So . . . the hook up is very unclear.

Issue #3:

You will have to buy refills for $20 bucks a pop every 15 to 20 times you perform because each time you perform, you use a postcard and have it signed by the spectator. This effect must be done with a signed post card. It just won't work without having them sign it.

My Dilemma:

While the DVD has enough information in the description that the method is very clear, the problem is that without knowing the hook up, I'm not sure how to recreate the method. I would think that for nearly a hundred dollars, you would get some more solid training out of the deal. Additionally, you'd think that the magnet would be included and this mysterious magnetized mat would be better covered. Frankly I'm not sure that you can accurately learn to perform this effect from this DVD.

So the method is clear, but the hook up is not. The concept is clever, and I could probably fiddle around and go back and look at still shots from the DVD and dink around until I figure out the hook up. But for $95 I shouldn't have to do that.

So the dilemma is that I think it's a great effect with a great method. Based on that, I would recommend it. However, if I can't do the hook up, what's the point of the method?

Final Verdict:
2 stars with a Stone Status of Grubble (gem idea, rubble explanation)

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  • Scott says:

    Once again, this is the only place on the Internet where I found some real and useful information concerning an effect I was considering. Now at least I feel informed re: both the good and bad. Thanks, Jeff!

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