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Against All Odds Review

One pack of lottery cards, one streaming DVD, $38 bucks and one Against All Odds Review. Is it gem or is it rubble? Stay tuned to find out.

Against All Odds Review: Effect

You predict what six lottery numbers your spectator picks in what seems to be an extremely fair and random selection procedure.

Against All Odds Review: Method

The method relies on a very deceptive combination of a special deck of cards that the spectator can handle and a very clever/deceptive "selection" procedure. Watch the trailer. You'll see. The selection procedure is extremely fair, self-working, and feels so random. The spectator really does make all the choices. There are no ambiguous statements or magician's choice. The spectator really does make a whole bunch of free selections and choices. The reset is a bit of a pain. It'll take about 5 minutes or so. However, the method is totally legitimate and totally doable for all skill levels with no problem.

Against All Odds Review: Ad Copy Integrity

The ad copy and trailer are both accurate. No bold or over-the-top claims are made. It simply states what you get.

Against All Odds Review: Product Quality

The lottery card deck is well made, and will last a very long time. It actually looks like something that you would get as a game or at a gift shop in a casino. The majority of the method is found in the deck which spectator handles freely. Everything is taught efficiently and in depth by the grand master dark wizard himself, Peter Nardi. He and his team have come up with some very clever and simple ideas, handling, presentations, etc. for this effect.

Also included is a PDF that you can print out for a stage routine. You'll have to keep proof of purchase and email the dark wizard to get the PDF. There are several ideas presented and discussed on the training video. The something for everyone cliche seems to have a place here.

Against All Odds Review - Magic Reviwed

Against All Odds Review: Final Thoughts

If you like the idea of this kind of effect you'll be very happy with your purchase.

Final Verdict:
4.5 Stars with a Stone Status of Gem.

Available at your Favorite Magic Dealer. Dealer's see Murphy's Magic for details.

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