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Space Bottle 2.0 Review

One DVD, 12 Spinnerets, a bunch of wax pellets, $25 bucks and one Space Bottle 2.0 Review. Is it gem or is it rubble? Stay tuned to find out.

Space Bottle 2.0 Review: Effect

Floating bottle. A bottle floats from your hand to a garbage can, or from one hand to another.

Space Bottle 2.0 Review: Method

The methods uses Spinnerets. You may remember back in June 2014 when I reviewed Spinnerets. Take a peek at that review first. However, don't let it totally bias you. Come back.

Now that you're back . . . Space Bottle 2.0 uses the standard "stuff" that you use when floating something. In this case, you're using the Spinnerets which is a version of this "stuff." It requires an anchor point as per the standard "stuff" operations.

You may remember (from 3 minutes ago when you watched the Spinnerets review) that Spinnerets are disposable dispensers of the "stuff." What's slightly new on this project is that Steven X has come up with a way to get more than one use out of them. You're able to use them in such a way that, theoretically, they won't self-destruct. These re-usable handlings rely on you wearing a ball cap or a shirt with a breast pocket that you'll have to modify slightly. You'll have to modify it (or your hat) with a little piece of plastic. To my recollection he does not tell you where to purchase this plastic.

Space Bottle 2.0 Review: Ad Copy Integrity

The written ad copy is mostly accurate. However, it makes the same mistake as the Spinnerets DVD. It claims that you can float certain objects, but then never teaches you how to do it on the DVD. In this case, it claims that you can float plastic ketchup and mustard bottles. I've never seen a ketchup or mustard bottle that would work with this hook up. He never discusses it in the DVD. He only teaches how to float a water bottle and a Sharpie pen.

The second problem is the end of the trailer. It shows a floating bottle in an open field floating for a huge distance that appears to have no anchor point. This is misleading at best. Further, the ad copy claims that it can be immediately repeated. That's true in the most literal sense possible. If you're going to repeat it, you must do so IMMEDIATELY while you're still anchored to the garbage can.

Once you walk away, you cannot repeat it without a significant amount of reset. In the original handling, the Spinneret self-destructs and is permanently done. It's a one trick pony. However, with the new handling, some of the options allow repeat use of the Spinneret, but it still requires some reset/set-up time having to trim up the "stuff" and re-adhere a wax pellet, none of which is covered on the DVD.

Space Bottle 2.0 Review - Magic Reviewed

Space Bottle 2.0 Review: Product Quality

You may remember (from 8 minutes ago when you watched the Spinnerets review) that I had a hard time with the floating bottle hook up when I was first exposed to Spinnerets. This DVD does a better job of explaining the hook up, and I was able to get it to work on more than one occasion. Watch the video review, and you'll see a short montage of clips of me "performing" it.

However, the Spinnerets I received were mostly duds. Sometimes (as explained in the DVD), the "stuff" gets stuck inside the Spinneret. Steven X shows you how to combat this and get it un-stuck. Nope. In my case, two of my Spinnerets had to be thrown away because not only could I not get the "stuff" un-stuck, but it actually broke and came out of the hole that it feeds through. When that happens, there is no way to recover. The Spinneret is junk at that point. I lost two to this problem, and a third one due to the self-destruct nature of the gimmick.

In the video, the multiple takes was all done with one Spinneret with the same anchor point. You can cause the bottle to drop into the garbage can (or whatever) without breaking anchor. However, once you're done and walk away, that's it. You're done.

The DVD teaching is pretty good and covers a lot of details. However, the Spinnerets themselves are not the greatest quality. As mentioned, I lost two to defect. I'm afraid to try any more. The good news is that you'll discover the defect before your performance . . . before you leave the house. You have to set up the Spinnerets and have them ready to go before you leave the house. That "before you leave the house" set up is where you'll discover any defects. That, at least, saves you from having a performance bomb.

However, you shouldn't have any defective ones. Overall product quality: D-

Space Bottle 2.0 Review: Final Thoughts

Assuming your set of Spinnerets aren't defective and you like the effect, then you might be happy with this. If you use the self-destruct method, you'll only get 12 performances, and you're done. If you use the non-self-destruct method, you'll get maybe 36 (3 per Spinneret). However, you will need to practice this first. He suggests practicing with something else that I can't mention without exposing too much.

The problem with that is that you'll eventually need to practice with the Spinneret so that you can acquire the knack and feel for it. Well, you'll use up some of your Spinnerets during your practice sessions. By the time you're ready to perform, you may be running low on Spinnerets and end up only being able to perform it just a few times before you're out. If you don't mind all that, then you might, maybe, somewhat be happy with this.

Final Verdict:
2.5 Stars with a Stone Status of Grubble.

Available at your Favorite Magic Dealer. Dealer's see Murphy's Magic for details.


  • bawb says:

    Thanks, great review as per usual.when I first saw spinnerettes advertised I was intrigued (and tempted) I missed your review on them, but didn’t buy it since I already have IT and it seemed too good to be true. Anyway the link back to that old review was useful for that reason.
    What a pity this idea hasn’t quite evolved yet,

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