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Smudged Review

One DVD, 2 specially printed Sharpie markers, $42 bucks and one Smudged Review. Is it gem or is it rubble? Stay tuned to find out.

Smudged Review: Effect

There are multiple Sharpie revelation (i.e., the Sharpie logo "changes" to the "selected" card) type effects on the market. This one differs in that rather than the revelation looking so similar to the Sharpie logo that you have to stop and re-read it, the contrast is clear. It's also got a visual element to it that makes it seem like the spectator is seeing the logo morph.

Smudged Review: Method

If you watched the trailer and you've been in magic more than 3 minutes, you probably worked it all out, so I don't feel too bad saying what's going on. It's a p-diddy move and a couple of pen switches. What you're paying for is the handling technique and the two specially printed pens. It's super simple to do, and if you already use a Sharpie, you can replace it with this one. Keep in mind that the first revelation that happens is done right after the spectator used the pen to sign her card. There is no pen switch here. You can, but you don't need to.

I point this out so that you realize that you really only need one of the pens, so if you already use a Sharpie, you can use this instead of your normal Sharpie and you'll sacrifice no pocket space at all. If you want to have two different revelations, you'll need to carry both pens, and if you want to have the pen examined before the trick — a foolish thing to do in my opinion — then you'll need to carry three pens.

All skill levels may apply, and you truly can add this to your repertoire right out of the box and without adding anything extra to your pockets (assuming you already carry a Sharpie).

Smudged Review - Magic Reviewed

Smudged Review: Ad Copy Integrity

The ad copy integrity is so accurate, that if you watch the trailer, you'll see everything. They make no outrageous or misleading claims. Solid.

Smudged Review: Product Quality

The pens, themselves, are excellent quality. They're genuine Sharpie markers. The DVD production and training is solid as well. The only negative I have to say about the training is the "section" where Dave Loosley "teaches" you how to put a new ink cartridge into the supplied pens once they run out of ink. He really should have shown us how to do that rather than just talk through it. Other than that, no issues.

Smudged Review: Final Thoughts

If you like this effect and can see yourself using it, you'll be very happy with this product. It's an easy way to add a new card revelation or two to your repertoire. $42 is a little steep possibly, but not entirely unreasonable for this, but ultimately that's up to you.

Final Verdict:
4 Stars with a Stone Status of Gem.

Available at your Favorite Magic Dealer. Dealer's see Murphy's Magic for details.

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