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Harry Anderson, the man who sat and judged small claims court as the honorable Judge Stone, the Man who ate a guinea pig wrapped in newspaper on live television, the man who cut his girlfriend's finger off (sort of), so which one is he?

All of the above. With a character name like Judge Stone, how can I give this book a bad review. All rock (and paper and scissors) jokes aside, this is one of the best magic books I've ever read. First, it's written by Mike Caveney. That's enough right there for most people in the know. However, if you're not convinced, fear not, for you will be in the next three hundred words.

This book was originally published back in 1993, and I bought a brand new copy when it first came out. Somewhere over the years, I lost my copy (we moved a lot). When I did own the book, I read it multiple times. I recently reordered the book which is now in its 6th or so printing. It actually arrived this morning, so I decided to read it again. I've already re-read 1/3 of the book today, so let me remind you of what I was reminded today.

This book is one of the best magic books I've ever read. I think I mentioned that at the beginning. It's written sort of as a biography of Harry Anderson, yet at the same time it covers just about every effect that ever was in his working arsenal. You learn more than just the 'secrets' to the tricks. You learn how the tricks came to be, when they came to be, and even why they came to be. You'll live through, with Harry the Hat, his rise to fame. It's brilliantly written (go figure - it was written by Mike Caveney). It's got great photographs and drawings.

Most of all, it's very inspirational. It's not a 'how to become famous like Harry Anderson' book, but it certainly is the story of how it happened. Seeing someone else's story is always inspirational to me. Even if you weren't interested in learning the tricks, buy this book for the biography. Buy this book to learn how to develop routines. Buy this book so that you'll have something to do when you visit the porcelain. Buy this book to learn about one of the greatest comedy magicians of our time . . . Buy this book because it's about Harry Anderson.

Final Vedict: ABSOLUTE GEM!

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  • Respect The Magic says:

    I could not agree more with your review. Harry is, in my opinion, one of the slickest performers in the magic world. He has developed a character and plays it beautifully on stage. He connects with his audience like few magicians can. This book lives among my most important magic books. While he was/is one of the best in my book, I still feel he is one of the most underrated performers in our profession. I wish more magicians would give him the credit he deserves. Love me some Harry Anderson. Did I mention he is warped too. That is, he is warped in a great way.

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