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Inscrutable 2 Review

One DVD, 11 effects, $38 bucks and one Inscrutable 2 Review. Is it gem or is it rubble? Stay tuned to find out.

Inscrutable 2 Review: Overview

Like the first Inscrutable disk set, this will be more easily reviewed by combining effect and method. Before we get there, however, let's look at some big picture items. The stuff on this DVD, generally speaking, is more advanced than the first DVD set. Joseph Barry is like a real live Rainman or maybe John Nash. He sees patterns in a shuffled deck. He sees them quickly, and can do miracles with them. Also, this disk has a handful of very clever ways to force cards.

In the first DVD set, Peter Nardi was on camera with Joseph Barry. He did a good job of making sure the finer points were covered. In this DVD, Dave Loosely is on set rather than Peter Nardi. Dave's great, but he's not as good at making sure everything is covered as well as Peter Nardi did. That being the case, many of the explanations were way to fast and hard to keep up with. With that as the foundation, let's look at the specific effects and my notes about them. As before, I will cover effect for some tricks, method for others, and both for some as well.

Inscrutable 2 Review: Effect/Method

10 Cards for Levante- This is an extremely fair poker deal that requires a small set up. It feels a little like TTTCBE. You always win with a Royal Flush.

Thanks to Vernon- This is an unbelievable four ace cutting. It's extremely fair and one of the most deceptive mixing of the aces possible. The explanation, however, was way too fast.

Simple Card at Number- This is a relatively easy card at a number, but it does require a faro check.

Eighth Son- This is a production of a four of a kind from a truly shuffled (and borrowed) deck. The "kicker" is that the spectator does everything. Check out the trailer. This is the trick shown in the trailer. Also, this is one of the easiest things on the DVD as well. You can, relatively quickly, add this to your repertoire.

The Spread Cross Force- This is a simple and clever force based on Cross Cut force.

Think- Produce a winning poker hand that contains a genuinely free thought of card. It requires no set up, but does require a bottom deal. Like many of the explanations on this DVD, this one is explained too fast. The second version eliminates the bottom deals, but requires a stack. He briefly glosses over other possible methods.

Pseudo Hold 'Em- This is a pretty intense effect that requires riffle stacking. The effect itself, however, didn't seem to be that clear or effective. Also, again, the teaching is too fast.

End Play- In this effect, you predict hand of Blackjack from a shuffled deck. It requires riffle stacking which is not easy.

Freedom Stacking- This is another one that is super easy, and unbelievably smart. It's a way to deal whatever hand you want from a truly shuffled deck, and it doesn't require any palming, false dealing, etc. It's brilliant, clever, clean, and best of all, the method is done right in front of them, but it makes everything seem even more fair and more above board. Brilliant.

Psychic Spectator- This one combines a thought of card prediction and thought of card at a number.

Intuitive Selection- Multiple cards are turned face down in a face up deck (by the spectator). Yet their thought of card is amongst those cards and is (unknowingly) "selected" by the spectator. This is another one of the simpler effects.

Inscrutable 2 Review - Magic Reviewed

Inscrutable 2 Review: Ad Copy Integrity

The ad copy doesn't say much. However, take a look at the trailer. The effect shown in there where four 8's are found is super clever. Know that nothing is removed from the trailer to conceal the method. It really is as clean as it looks on the trailer. There is, however, a bonus effect, Thanks to Higham, in the ad copy that is not on the DVD. Other than that, the ad copy is solid.

Inscrutable 2 Review: Product Quality

The production value was good. Well lit, well mic'd, etc. The teaching was pretty decent, but as I've mentioned multiple times, in too many places it was too fast. Also, as mentioned in the ad copy section, there is a bonus effect, Thanks to Higham, listed on the DVD menu, there is nothing there. So, somewhere is a missing bonus trick that we all wish we could see.

Inscrutable 2 Review: Final Thoughts

There is plenty of doable, workable material on this DVD. Other than the missing bonus effect and the fact that you'll have to re-rewind quite a few of the explanations, I have no issues with this product. If you liked anything I mentioned and/or the ad trailer and/or real world card effects, then you'll be very happy with this DVD.

Final Verdict:
4 Stars with a Stone Status of Gem.

Available at your Favorite Magic Dealer. Dealer's see Murphy's Magic for details.


  • Stephen Peters says:

    This is a situation where your review–specifically the distinction of Peter being there for the first one and not the second–has really been helpful in making a decision.

    Also, do you prefer comments on here or on YouTube?

    • Stephen Peters says:

      “Kings and Queens”! I first heard that on the flip side of the 45 for “Come Together.” Love that song.

    • Jeff Stone says:

      @Stepen – Glad to help brother. Thanks for watching. As for comment location whatever is easiest for y’all works for me. Regarding Steve Tyler and the gang . . . Yeah! I LOVE that songs. It’s one of my favorites. Something about it just sucks me in.

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