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eLit Review

One DVD, one set of gimmicks, $35 bucks and one eLit Review. Is it gem or is it rubble? Stay tuned to find out.

eLit Review: Effect

A borrowed (no switches) bill "develops" a watermark that matches the name of a "chosen" card.

eLit Review: Method

The method is a special gimmick that you can easily access. It allows you to secretly and quickly alter the borrowed bill permanently (in theory). That plus a good old fashion "selection" technique and your good to go . . . in theory. The catch is . . . well . . . wait until product quality. You'll see.

eLit Review: Ad Copy Integrity

Everything that the ad copy claims is true (in theory), but . . . well . . . wait until product quality. You'll see.

eLit Review: Product Quality

The DVD does a good job of teaching the details of how it (theoretically) works. It covers the concept, method, etc. in great depth. However . . . well . . . wait until product quality . . . oh wait, you're here.

Well, the gimmick doesn't work. The gimmick allows you to (quickly, easily and secretly) apply some sort of chemical to the bill. Once you do that, the bill then is supposed to appear to have a watermark on it. However, no matter what I tried, I could not get it to work. I was able to secretly and easily apply the chemical. However, it did not affect the bill whatsoever.

It's also supposed to work on paper too. Nope. The only two results I got with the paper was either you could not see the "watermark" at all (even in the brightest of back-lighting) or you could completely see the "watermark" all the way through the paper with no lighting. It looked like a grease stain.

However, on the bill I got nothing at all. He claims that it works on any paper currency, but it just didn't folks. I can't speak the currency he used in the video, but as for American money (and paper) it doesn't work.

eLit Review - Magic Reviewed

eLit Review: Final Thoughts

If somehow he gets the chemistry to work on this, everything else is SOLID. The method for getting the stuff on the bill is clever and super easy and deceptive. The problem is that the chemical doesn't work. If it did, this would be at least 4 stars, probably more. As it is, however . . .

Final Verdict:
1 Star with a Stone Status of Rubble!

Available at your Favorite Magic Dealer. Dealer's see Murphy's Magic for details.

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