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Cash Converter Review

One gimmick, one DVD, $35 bucks and one Cash Converter Review. Is it gem or is it rubble? Stay tuned to find out.

Cash Converter Review: Effect

A borrowed bill is pulled between your fingers and emerges out the other side as a different bill. With a quick blink, it instantly transforms back to the original bill which can be immediately handed out.

Cash Converter Review: Method

A gimmick does the trick here. However, you are supplied with a gimmick that you have to permanently attached to the bill that you will be changing the money into. The catch is that if you screw up attaching the gimmick, then it's all over. Attaching the gimmick is very finicky and must be very precise. Assuming you properly create the gimmick, the next step is using it in performance.

When you cause the borrowed bill (let's say a $1 dollar bill) to change to a $20 (assuming that you made your gimmick from a $20), the handling is awkward at best. Once the bill has changed to a $20, you cannot move. You can only restore it back to a $1. Undoing the change is very awkward and will put some pretty heavy strain on your finger and hand muscles. It can be done. I was able to (painfully) do it after multiple attempts. However, I'd need several hours more practice, fiddling and fidgeting before I would be anywhere near performance ready.

Is the method doable? Yes, but it's extremely finicky and will take some serious practice. I'd say this is intermediate level at least, definitely not for beginners. Also, keep in mind that whatever bill you plan on turning the borrowed bill into is the bill you will make your gimmick with, and you are permanently sacrificing this bill. You'll never be able to use it again.

Cash Converter Review: Ad Copy Integrity

The ad copy is accurate. The bill really is borrowed and ungimmicked. The video trailer is also accurate. However, I would say that based on the performance in the trailer, his gimmick works a little bit better than mine. His seems to change back to the borrowed bill much quicker than mine does. The other thing to consider is the claim of being able change the bill into blank paper or other currency, etc. This is all true. However, you only get the stuff needed to make one gimmick, and when you make the gimmick, you are permanently making the gimmick. You have to choose what you want, permanently. So it's always going to be a blank paper, or it's always going to be a $1 bill. The problem with paper is that it tends to wrinkle and rip a little more than a real dollar bill, so your gimmick might wear out sooner than expected. Once it wears out, that's it. You'll have to buy another one.

Cash Converter Review - Magic Reviewed

Cash Converter Review: Product Quality

The supplied DVD is pretty thorough and clear for the most part. You'll, likely, need to re-watch a few parts more than once to make sure you get the handling correct. The gimmick itself is pretty good. However, I don't think it's as good as the one used in the trailer. That aside, it's very finicky to properly hide it. It, for the most part, works the way it's supposed to, but there will be occasions where it doesn't properly revert back to the borrowed bill as cleanly as you'd like.

Cash Converter Review: Final Thoughts

The concept of this is pretty solid. However, due to the fidgety nature of the gimmick/method it's hard to give this a glowing recommendation.

Final Verdict:
3 Stars with a Stone Status of gem with a tiny, teeny, itty bitty g.

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