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Box Pad Review

One Gimmick, One DVD, $30 bucks and one Box Pad Review. Is it gem or is it rubble? Stay tuned to find out.

Box Pad Review: Effect

A small notepad instantly turns into a deck of cards.

Box Pad Review: Method

A simple gimmick that you attach to your card case makes this possible. That and a tiny bit of misdirection. In fact, this is really a good effect for practicing misdirection that will, likely, give you the misdirective (yes; I made up that word) confidence you need.

Your angle are pretty darn good. You can pretty much do this completely surrounded.

Box Pad Review - Magic Reviewed

Box Pad Review: Ad Copy Integrity

The ad copy is solid. The video trailer and the written ad copy both do an accurate job of depicting the effect. Not much to say here. What you see is what you get.

Box Pad Review: Product Quality

The gimmick itself is made out of what appears to be plastic coated cardboard that should last quite a while. They really made everything easy for you. It takes 5 seconds to install the gimmick. Also, they supplied a PDF of the one part of the gimmick that will likely wear out after some usage, so you can easily replace that part of the gimmick.

The DVD was decent quality, shot well enough and lit okay, etc. The instructions from Chris Congreave were clear and easy to follow. However, one thing was left out, and that is dealing with moving the gimmick to another box once the box you're using wears out. I briefly and carefully tried to remove the gimmick from the box, and it did not want to play. I was afraid I'd rip or ruin the gimmick by removing it.

This means that either a) you can't move the gimmick to a new box when your box wears out or b) you can move it, but they didn't teach you how. In either case, you are left with a gimmick that will eventually need replacing when your card box wears out.

Box Pad Review: Final Thoughts

If you like the simply idea of a notepad turning into a deck of cards, then you'll be happy with this product (until your box wears out). $30 bucks is a relatively reasonable price to pay, however, for that price maybe a little bit more info about moving the gimmick should have been included.

Final Verdict:
4 Stars with a Stone Status of Gem.

Available at your Favorite Magic Dealer. Dealer's see Murphy's Magic for details.

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