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This DVD is loaded with a bunch of gambling routines. Essentially, Andrew Wimhurst demonstrates to the audience how good he is at false deals, false cuts and false shuffles.

His patter is a constant barrage of "If I cut the deck like this we get an Ace . . . then if we shuffle like this and cut about here, we get another Ace."

If I hear him say the phrase "The Fourth and Final ACE!" again, I think I'll faint. His constant repeating of the phrase "I'll tell you what" is enough to make Gandhi Homicidal. The phrase was used so much that he actually began blurring the words into something like "tayawut."

His over usage of the spectator's name in a non-connecting-with-the-spectator way actually caused my pet turtle to run out of the room.

Wimhurst is a very clever and amazing technician and a very nice guy, but his presentation is hard to watch. It's clear that he's practiced the life out of these routines. It's also clear that part of his practice is what to say while he's doing the moves. That being the case, he never really connects or truly interacts with the audience.

Then comes the real disappointment . . . the first thing he says in the explanation section is that he makes "no bones" about the fact that the material is hard and that he will not be teaching all of the techniques because it's beyond the scope of the project.

As for the effects themselves, there are a few really good effects. Much of the real work on some of the harder ones, however, is not covered in enough depth and again, a lot of them are let me show you how to deal a perfect bridge hand . . . let me show you how to deal a perfect poker hand . . . let me show you how to cheat at poker.

Pretty much, the method is exactly what he tells the audience . . . false cuts, false deals, shuffle controls, etc.

I think, however, if you're looking for some ideas for effects to put into an exhibition of skills, then you'll find plenty of material on here. You'll also be taught a lot of methods and techniques for some intermediate and advanced moves (e.g. Fan Peek, Faro Shuffles, Top Palm, Hofzinser Cull, etc.).

As I mentioned above, if you truly are putting together an all gambling exhibition type of show, then this might be worth it for you. Pretty much none of the material can be done strolling, and there's not enough stuff that really stands out, but with some digging and a lot of patience, you may find a few gems hidden amongst the rubble.

Final Verdict:
2.5 stars with a Stone Status of Grubble.

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