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You know . . . I'm just not diggin' the whole one-trick-on-a-DVD-for-30-bucks thing. Well, now, Aaron Fisher has taken this to a new low, I'm sorry to say. For $30.00, you get basically one 'move.' Sure, he shows you 2 basic effects you can do with this move, but basically, you're learning a move.

Well, Jeff, how good is the move?

Well, reader, not that good.

First of all, it's pretty angle-y. In the various performance segments shown there was a great deal of 'flashing' going on. Anyone standing to Fisher's left would have to be blind to miss the move. I like Mr. Fisher. I like his magic, the way he thinks about magic and his skill as an instructor, but this product just doesn't quite make the cut for me. Sure the instruction is good and well thought out, and the move is good in the right angles, but . . . 30 bucks for one move? I just don't see it folks.

Now if this were a DVD with a handful of solid effects, then I would have no problem recommending this. It's a good trick. It's visual, and it's taught well, but it's not 30-dollars-for-a-one-move-dvd good.

Final Verdict:
1.5 stars with a Stone Status of Rubble

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